Twig Custom Builders
Twig Custom Builders

  • What we do

    Architectural Elements

    Twig can work from your model, or you can work with a Twig Designer to assist in modeling your design. From prototyping to fabrication, we can help you express your vision.


    Stairs for tiny houses are one place both builders and DIYs can save time and money with Twig. Our stair designs are CNC cut reducing the amount of material used. Delivered flat packed and ready to assemble or assembled by our team, they will save you time. Less material and less time = savings for you!

    Custom Cabinets

    Our custom cabinet solutions utilize our "nested" machining process that reduces waste material. Whether you choose pre-built, or flat packed and ready to assemble, We're saving you time and money.

    Storage Solutions

    Tiny Houses need lots of creative storage. Drawers in your stairs? Drop down storage under your loft? Roll-out trays, spice racks, dish racks, wine racks, or other unique and custom solutions? Twig has you covered for all your unique storage needs.

    Convertible Furniture

    Small spaces require that key objects often need to serve more than one function. Need a sofa that changes into a bed? Or a sofa with drawers and flip up storage compartments? Perhaps a Murphy style bed? Let Twig work to get you the utility you need.

    Curved Roof Beams

    Are you a tiny house builder wanting to offer curved roofs? We can help you design to your specifications to produce a custom beam package. Our beams work with wood or steel framing. Change the shape of the way you build.

    Pre-cut/Pre-marked Sheathing

    In the Tiny House world, framing often doesn't match the sheathing manufacturer's marks. Working from your unique design, Twig will mark, label and cut Zip System sheathing saving you 30%-50% of the installation time.

    Parametric Modeling

    Let us turn your design into a parametric model. By creating parameters for specification & dimensions in your model, you can make major changes without having to edit the model. This saves you time and money when you have frequent changes to your design.


    Do you need a custom furniture piece? Or several pieces? Whether a single piece or a batch, our team can build it. 

    Parts, Jigs & Fixtures

    We can cut your parts, whether a single part or many. We can cut to exact, repeatable, specifications. Do you need a custom jig or fixture? We can help you create the precision set-up you need.